Posted by: cindybiz | June 27, 2011

Summer, here we come!

Summer is here….are you ready??  I am looking forward to a relaxed schedule….taking my time in the morning, enjoying the sunshine and renting a cottage at the beach! But according to an ad for a tutoring service, this all could be DANGEROUS….?? A child can’t take 2 months off of school!! They, of course, have a solution….for you to sign up your child for a few hours a week with their service.

I would propose a different (inexpensive) approach…reading books and enjoying the world! Summer is such an excellent time to take a breath and enjoy your kids and share with them a few things you have not had time to do during the busy school year. Check out local festivals (we have all kinds of them here in London….lots of different cultures to learn about), go mini golfing (lots of angles in that sport….hmm…real life application of math??), road trips (SO much learning can happen in the van….there are lots of games to be played to pass the time…or maybe a book on cd?) and even walks in the neighbourhood can be fun (we have been thinking of re-do our garden….it is amazing how many plants you see when you start observing).

If you want to be a bit more formal, I don’t think you need to pay to have folks teach your children….here are some other summer ideas we have done in the past. What have you done to keep the learning going??

So….while I would disagree with the choice of the word “dangerous” in the tutoring ad, I would agree that the learning needs to continue….and in our house it does….hope you have a wonderful summer of learning where you are too!



  1. We don’t keep a “school year” schedule, but I do find that summer is often a great time for sit-down pencil-and-paper learning in our house–but I think that’s in part because we live in a warm climate, and in the heat of summer we don’t actually want to be outside. In spring and fall, we spend very little time at desks! But for us, learning is always happens–its just ebbs and flows and takes different forms as the seasons change.

    • I agree….we are always learning in our house too….even when we don’t realize it! Thanks for sharing your experience!

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