Posted by: cindybiz | June 6, 2011

Teaching Children….Whose job is it?

I can across this blog post recently (via another excellent blog Read Aloud Dad ) that got me thinking….while I may not agree with everything on this woman’s blog, I DO agree with this post!

Teaching Children….Whose job is it? found on Chronicles of a Babywise Mom

Let me know what you think??



  1. This is the response I left on the Baby-wise Blog:
    I LOVE this book by Jim Trelease. I wish every parent and every teacher would read it!

    I am a reading specialist at an urban, low-income school. Yes, many times I see a correlation with parent involvement and student achievement, but I think that is an over generalization. I have several students with amazing behavior, good work ethic, and strong morality in place- but they still do not know how to read. Is it because they have parents who couldn’t care less? Sometimes yes, and other times, no.
    There are many factors related to poor student achievement:
    – lack of parental involvement (uncaring parents, parents working multiple jobs, single parents, etc…)
    -English Language Learners (It’s hard to read, if you don’t know English and if you don’t get it at home)
    – Learning Disability
    – parents with little education
    – little money for resources, good nutrition, or support services, etc…
    – The kids may need glasses or a hearing test, and the family/teachers don’t know.
    – etc…

    While I completely agree that parents need to give their ALL to parenting, I also think that kids need a whole community of people (school, family, church, neighborhood, etc…) to come alongside of them to be successful.

    It takes caring parents AND a close-knit community to raise kids. I know I ask my mom, sister, church, and friends for help all the time with my 18 MO.

  2. Thank you….you are right….it is a bit oversimplified to say it is ALL up to parents….there are a lot of factors indeed! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this!

  3. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for the kind words … and also I’m happy that you liked the same post: Teaching Children….Whose job is it?

    Indeed it is a big truth that we cannot delegate our own parental responsibilities to schools, libraries, teachers, society as a whole.

    Education is our moral responsibility as parents and the earlier we start helping them to learn – the better for our kids.

    Thanks so much for the shout out!

    Read Aloud Dad

    • Thanks for your kind words too!! I enjoy your blog….probably because I am a huge fan of reading!! And I also believe in parent involvement in teaching children….so much so that I have graduated two homeschooled children (well….actually young adults now) and have two to go!! I look forward to reading more about your adventures as a Read Aloud Dad! Thanks for sharing them with us!

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