Posted by: cindybiz | March 9, 2011

Hearing how others do it….

Have your children caught on to reading quickly? Or have they struggled. I found this article about a mom of twins and her journey to help her boys read….

Help for Struggling Readers by Marianne Hering

When my twin boys began learning to read, I discovered that success came more slowly for some kids than for others. At the end of six months, one son was reading Arnold Lobel’s Frog and Toad books; my other son still couldn’t sound out the word it. I sought a reading specialist for advice. Here’s what helped us: … the rest of the article here….

Do you have a reluctant or challenged reader?? What ideas have you tried?? What worked? What didn’t??  Other would love to hear about your journey, I am sure!!

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  1. I am a reading specialist . Here’s a tip that helps all students, especially ones that have reading problems. Use more than just hearing a letter sound by using touch -kinesthetic senses as well as pictures (i.e. for each sound have one key word that brings a picture to mind- o octopus, th thumb, ou ouch) – and trace the letter in rice, sand, on felt, velvet, etc. This method can also be used in the memorization required for sight words that don’t go by phonetic sounds – are, they, you, etc. Printing the word while saying the letters also uses more paths to the brain, aiding in putting this word into your long term memory. When first learning the word repeat the word, and its spelling 3 times, 3 times a day for a few days. – w o u l d says (spells) would (which is prounounced like wood)

  2. Awesome….thanks so much for sharing these ideas with us Carol!!

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