Posted by: cindybiz | August 11, 2010

Reading together…

Reading with our children is a wonderful experience…for them and for us! Here are some tips to help make your time even more memorable!

Reading with your child

  1. Establish a routine so that there is time for your child to read with you as well as time for reading to your child.
  2. Show interest in what your child wants to read to you.
  3. Beginning readers need to use their finger to point to words as they read.
  4. Be supportive, giving “wait time” for your child to figure out tricky words.
  5. Beginning readers may want you to read to them first before they try to read the selection alone the second time through. This works well for some children.
  6. Encourage children to use the following strategies in the following order when they come to words that they don’t know:
    • look at the picture for a clue.
    • skip the unknown word and read to the end of the sentence,
    • go back and re-read to see what word would make sense, sound right and start with the same letter.
    • ask for help.
  7. Encourage your child to re-read stories in order to develop fluency and expression.

Reading to your child

  1. Establish a routine with a set time and place, and stick to it as much as possible.
  2. Relax and chose a comfortable spot for reading.
  3. Let your child choose the book.
  4. Glance through the book together before you read. Talk about the title, author and pictures.
  5. Be sure that your child can see the pictures and follow the print. Snuggle up.
  6. Have the story come to life by using expression. Enjoy this time together.
  7. Let your child:
    • help hold the book.
    • turn the pages.
    • look at and talk about the pictures with you.
    • read with you or fill in words and phrases that he/she knows. This works especially well with a rhyming book.
    • ask you questions along the way. Listening to you read and asking questions helps a child figure out how the world works.
    • listen to a favourite book over and over.
  8. When the book is finished, have a chat about what the story was about.

– Erica Schubart, primary/resource/LA teacher, Port Alberni

Thanks to the BC Teachers’ Federation for these ideas!

What memories do you have of reading to your children?? We would love to hear them!!


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