Posted by: cindybiz | July 20, 2010

Walk the neighbourhood!

Flowers along the way...

What a wonderful time of year to take a walk in the evening! I find it a great way to get fresh air and reconnect with the family after a full day of activities. But do you look as you walk?? One of the best ways to expand your child’s brain (and yours) is to take in your surroundings as you go through your daily life…and you can start right in your own neighbourhood!

Have you ever looked…I mean really looked (not in a nosy way) at the houses along your route? What kind of flowers and trees are there? If your child is young, how many trees are there? Do you see any dogs? Cats? Bunnies? Cars? Diggers? When we were replacing our garage door, it is amazing how differently we viewed everyone else’s door! It is all about perspective! Ask questions of the kids as you go and you will be amazed at what you discover together!

Why not take a different route than usual and expand your horizons! Maybe you will find a forest or park in your travels. Or make a new friend. As the kids get older, they can walk farther…and more adventures can happen!

And be sure to look UP at the clouds and DOWN at the ground! My son delivered flyers when he was young and he always came home with money as he kept his head down as he pushed through all kinds of weather…and it was like a bonus to bring home some coins! Lots of other things to be discovered too!

I would love to hear about your adventures this summer…you just never know what you will discover just around the corner!



  1. It has been a long time since I deliberately looked for those kind of learning opportunities. (I did homeschool, but my “baby” is 20 now.) However, several of my blog entries have been about the wonders and opportunities close to home. Thanks for the encouragement, Cindy. Young or not-so-young, there are always opportunities to learn something new.

    • There certainly is a big world out there…glad I encouraged you to “take it all in”!!

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