Posted by: cindybiz | July 5, 2010

Summer travels…

Do you have any vacation plans this summer?? Every few years we take a BIG vacation as a family…one year it was going East…then it was West a few years later…and next summer we are planning South! North America is amazing to explore! And so many learning opportunities!!

One of the best ways to get the kids excited about the trip is to have them help with the planning. They can get on the internet and find all kinds of fun things to do along the way. When we went East, we found a Chocolate Festival…the kids were very onboard for that one!! This then helped them to realize that the long trip would be worth it.

What is the most asked question in a moving vehicle? “Are we there yet?” How many times have you heard this one!!?? One way we combat this is to give the kids their own map. It is a great way to build their map reading skills and for them to see for themselves just how close you are to the destination.

One other task we do when away is keep a journal. On vacation, a lot of things happen in a short amount of time, so you will want to write them down. And what a great opportunity to keep your child’s writing skills up over the summer. We provide each child with a small journal and ask them to write in it every day so they can remember all the fun they had…and then we have something to refer to when we get home and make our scrapbook. Another way is to collect postcards along the way and write your memories on the back!

We aren’t going anywhere this year…but are planning a kitchen renovation instead which opens up a whole new avenue of learning! I would love to hear about  your summer vacation plans! Share them with us all!


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