Posted by: cindybiz | May 3, 2010

Our kids and math…what is the easiest way to learn?

A friend sent out the follow article on math and how our kids learn best. The author suggested that we have put math on a pedestal and that we need to knock it off and realize that it isn’t as hard as we think! What I really like about this article is that there are a number of “real life” unschooler examples to read through to back up what the author is suggesting. Math really is all around us if you think about it!

If you or your children have math challenges (or you just want ideas to enrich their learning), it is worth a read!

From Psychology Today by Peter Gray:

Kids learn math easily when they control their own learning

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you think of math?? Is it challenging? or do you feel it comes naturally? Does this article make you think any differently about how you view math? Thanks for sharing!

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