Posted by: cindybiz | February 3, 2010

10 Tips for Reading Aloud to Children

I love lists…here is one to help you get the most out of reading aloud to your children! Enjoy your time together!

#1 – Remember, the art of listening is acquired.

#2 – The first time you read a book, discuss the cover illustration.

#3 – Read slowly enough for the child to build mental pictures.

#4 – Use plenty of expression, change your tone of voice, and adjust your pace to fit the story.

#5 – Encourage involvement; invite the child to turn the pages for you.

#6 – Ask “What do you think is going to happen next?”

#7 – During repeat readings of a predictable book, stop at key phrases and allow the child to provide the words.

#8 – If you can’t finish a chapter, find a suspenseful spot at which to stop.

#9 – Paper, crayons, and pencils allow active children to keep their hands busy while listening.

#10 – Reading aloud comes naturally to very few people. To do it with ease takes practice – and it’s worth it!

Did you read today??

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