Posted by: cindybiz | January 21, 2010

Brain power…

Your brainI learned something new this weekend about our brains…they do not automatically get dull as we age! Great news!

“Research is now showing that the circuits of the normal brain grow with mental activity. Lack of use, not aging, is what causes the brain to  become less sharp. Like any muscle, if used, the brain is strengthened. When normal brains were compared, it was found that not much difference can be found between the brain of a 25 year old and a 75 year old.”  (Chandler, Steve. 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself)

How does this relate to our children and learning? I think it shows that keeping our brains active, at any age, will only improve how they work! Do your children have trouble with tests? Maybe work on getting their brains in shape by working on their memory skills! A quick google search on “memory games” shows lots of options, for all ages. Sure can’t hurt to try…and it sounds fun!

Photo credit: dierk schaefer



  1. Hi Cindy, Check out and give your brain a fun work out, and great for kids too…
    Fellow Homeschooling Mom, Book Addict and Usborne Consultant

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