Posted by: cindybiz | December 9, 2009

Books as gifts…

With Christmas just around the corner, I have been thinking about gift giving. Do you give books as gifts? I try to!

I heart books...

To me, books are the kind of gift that just keep on giving…unlike things with batteries! I also like that a child must engage their imagination to bring the pages to life in their mind…that is one of the parts I enjoy most about books when I read fiction…what do the characters look like, what kind of house do they live in?? To me, it is way more fun than giving a DVD…all the thinking was done by someone else!!

What are some of your favourite books to give as gifts?? Last year, I gave my kids each a magazine in their stocking…something fluffy to read for the girls…and a drum magazine for my son. This year my son requested a magazine subscription (oh…and the complete collection of Calvin and Hobbs!!). I am still thinking what to get the girls…lots of options for them!

What books have you given in the past…or what books are on the list this year? Love to get some new ideas!

I read this list a few years back…it made me smile…books really are the simplest way to go!

~ Books don’t need to be assembled before being given.
~ Books don’t need batteries.
~ Books never come in the wrong colour or size.
~ Books don’t need to be serviced by a dealer.
~ Books don’t need spare parts.
~ Books are easier to gift wrap than footballs.
~ Books don’t bite, scratch or kick.
~ Books don’t need watering or fertilizing.
~ Books don’t irritate your allergies.
~ Books don’t go out of style.
~ Books look good with any decor.
~ Books don’t get aphids or draw ants.
~ Books don’t bark or need to be walked in the middle of the night.
~ Books don’t shrink, stretch or fade.
~ Books don’t need extension cords.
~ Books won’t scratch the coffee table.
~ Books don’t get stale before they arrive.
~ Books never need ironing.
~ Books don’t have zippers that break.
~ When you are finished with a book, it is not empty.

Looking forward to hearing  your book suggestions…and have a wonderful time searching for the perfect books to give to your loved ones this year!!

Photo Credits: darwinbell (Creative Commons license on Flickr)



  1. Cindy, I love to give books too. I really enjoy that part of Christmas shopping. I’m currently reading Three Cups of Tea, a great biography/adventure story/inspirational story that tells the story of an American mountain climber who was inspired to build schools in the remotest parts of Pakistan after trying to conquer K2. Makes you think about what more each of us could be doing to help others in our lives and the world. I also love mysteries and am currently going through all of Elizabeth George’s novels. I love her for the language she uses. She always makes me pull out the dictionary…detective fiction that makes you think. 🙂

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