Posted by: cindybiz | November 26, 2009

Learning is a Family Affair!

Practice family literacy in your home and community. Here are some great tips to start you on the road to reading:

Find a local Literacy cause...this one is mine!

Ask your child questions about the story you’re reading to ensure comprehension.

Book family time to read with your children every day.

Create a special reading place in your home, with your child’s favourite books within reach.

Donate funds to the literacy cause! For information on programs in your community, look under LEARN in the Yellow Pages.

Encourage children to read words on TV, street signs, mugs and t-shirts.

Find new stories to read with your children every week. Vary their length and subject matter.

Give your time to read aloud to a child.

Have a child read a book to you.

International Literacy Day is held on September 8 every year. Celebrate the day by picking up a book and reading to a child.

January 27 is Family Literacy Day! Visit for a complete listing of Family Literacy Day events across Canada.

Keep teens reading. Give them books, newspaper articles and magazines about things that interest them – music, movies, TV and computers.

Let your child purchase a new book for his birthday!

Make every day a learning day. Ask your children to make a shopping list, read recipes together or help them make a calendar of their weekly activities.

Newborns benefit from reading too!

Organize a children’s book club with friends in your neighbourhood.

Purchase books to have in your home for your children to read over and over again.

Quiet, cozy reading spaces are good places for your child to read independently.

Remember that children learn by example – if you recognize the importance of reading, your children will too!

Set aside one day a week to make a regular visit to the library.

Treat a child to a story a day.

Usborne Books provide a great opportunity for your child to improve reading skills while learning lots of information.

Volunteer your time. Family literacy groups in your community could use your help with tutoring adults, reading to children and helping out with administrative tasks.

Write a letter.

X-ercise your mind! Reading ability is like a muscle, if you don’t exercise it often, you will not maintain the same level of reading ability as you get older. So – “use it or lose it!”

You are the key to improving a child’s reading ability by placing a high priority on reading in your home.

Zap off the TV – pick up a book instead!

~ Source Unknown



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