Posted by: cindybiz | October 8, 2009

Fun and Games…and learning

There is just something fun about sitting down around the table and playing a game. As a family, we always have a good time competing against each other…or working with each other, depending on the game we are playing. And, then there is the learning aspect to things that kids never realize…it is just part of the fun to them!

img_2753What games are our favourites? Well…we have quite a large collection, I will admit. Everything from Monopoly to UNO to Scrabble! As the kids get older, there is also less time to get everyone together to play…one of the reasons we love holidays like Thanksgiving (coming up this weekend in Canada). Nothing like having a rousing game while we wait for the turkey to cook!

Risk is fun as we all attempt to take over the world (and learn a little geography along the way), but we have also discovered Settlers of Catan and enjoy it for similar reasons. There is enough strategy to make it fun, but enough chance to allow for my 8 year old to win (and she has!). Planning ahead and co-operation are important skills to bring to the table for this game.

Sometimes a simple game of Chess is in order if there are only 2 people available. I will be the first to admit that I am not very good at this game as I am not good at planning my moves in advance. When all the kids were schooling at home, they would take turns playing each other first thing in the morning to get their brains warmed up for the day! It was neat to see them start to think strategically…an important skill to have in life!

My youngest and I always enjoy a game of Rack-O…I have always enjoyed this game (in fact we are still using the original game I had when I was her age!). It is a game that is fast and really helps reinforce number order…(and I can still beat my 8 year old once in a while, unlike chess!).

Then there are the “spirited” games we play that have only one goal in mind…to get everyone excited and loud! The one we like the best is Pit (and the version we are using was my Grandmother’s!! We might need to invest in a new one soon…the cards are a bit fragile after all these years!). Sometimes playing a game is just for the sake of having fun…and we do!

Another good one for when the whole extended family is around is Apples to Apples…so much fun as we try to find the closest match to the current word…which can prove to make some hilarious matches…worth checking out if you want to keep the kids having fun at Grandma’s house if the turkey is taking longer than expected! Lots of thinking in this game too…just don’t tell the kids that.

Wow…so many games to talk about…but I will save others for another day. I am looking forward to playing this weekend…having fun with family, with a little learning on the side. Hope you get a chance to have a game night at your place sometime soon too!

I would really love to hear about your favourite games, especially with Christmas coming up…need something fun to put under the tree this December…so please share!


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