Posted by: cindybiz | September 11, 2009

Friday Fun Facts…rewards for staying in school!

How did school go this week? If your child wasn’t keen on heading back to school, maybe these stats (from the US Census Bureau) will put things in perspective!

— $79,946 Average annual earnings of workers age 18 and older with an advanced degree. This compares with $51,206 a year for those with bachelor’s degrees, $27,915 for those with a high school diploma only and $18,734 for those without a high school diploma.graduate

— $67,069 Average starting salary offer to bachelor’s degree candidates in petroleum engineering, among the highest of any field of study. At the other end of the spectrum were those majoring in the humanities; they were offered an average of $31,565.

Money isn’t everything, but the bills do need to be paid! See what a bit of reading and learning can do??

Do your children have any career aspirations? Love to hear about them!

Photo Credits: CarbonNYC (Creative Commons license on Flickr)



  1. I just love reading to my kids and watching them grow.

  2. Right now my 4 year old wants to be an astronaut. On some days, he has aspirations to be the President, but he’s still undecided about entering into the next election.

    “They say” that kids are as smart as their mothers, so that is my motivation for seeking a master’s degree. We’ll see if that assumption holds any truth!

    Good post

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