Posted by: cindybiz | September 8, 2009

Happy International Literacy Day!

Did you know there was a day to celebrate literacy?? What a great idea! Are you doing anything special?? Well, since it is school family readingprep week in our house, I think we will celebrate by pulling all our school books into the family room and see what we have! We are so blessed in this country to have access to so much…and the access to good literature is definitely something to be thankful for!

Have you ever thought how things would be if you could NOT read or write?? Well…you could not enjoy this blog, for one thing…nor a whole lot of other books…or much else on the internet either. It is a world I can’t imagine, but a lot of people DO live in that world on a daily basis. And they are VERY good at hiding this fact from those around them…how can we help them to see the world they are missing? First, we need to be educated ourselves about WHY they might have these challenges.

Here is an eyeopening assessment of where we are in Canada:
Over 10 million Canadians are working at marginal or modest levels of literacy. This represents a massive loss of productivity for individuals, for society and for our economy especially as we enter a future where knowledge and adaptability will be essential. But the situation is even more complex. Many with low literacy skills manage well in their lives and may not see themselves needing any help at the moment. Many others (estimated at 10 to 15% of Canadians) require specialized help for learning disabilities. For the 5 – 10 % of less literate Canadians who do come forward for training there are significant socio-economic barriers and burdens to overcome. Even well-intentioned literacy programs cannot address these without appropria te resources and a broader social shift. Since literacy is about all of us, the challenge for Canadian society is to truly become a culture of lifelong learning. Literacy is for life.   –

How do we change this around?? As parents, we have a critical role as has been discussed already on this blog. Something as simple as reading to your child every night before bed can have a HUGE impact! Of course, it is never that simple as there are many factors involved as stated above…but you have to start somewhere!

Check out additional information here: and more celebration ideas here:

Think how important literacy is in your life…and celebrate it! Then let us know what you did!!

Photo Credits: Vimages (Creative Commons license on Flickr)



  1. Awesome post Cindy!! 🙂

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