Posted by: cindybiz | September 1, 2009

School? Not yet! Learning? You bet!

Where we live, school begins after Labour Day…so we have a week left of “formal” summer. But does that mean the fun ends?? It doesn’t have to! In fact, since we school at home, we don’t start until even later…but lots of learning goes on…here are just some of the things we do as we ease into the school year!

I am a big proponent of “teachable moments”…the kind that just show up! Keep your eyes open during the school year for these moments…you don’t want to miss them when the homework starts to pile up. Can you plan a “teachable moment?” No, but you can do things to increase the possibility they can happen!

In our house, a lot of learning comes from watching TV…WITH your child, not just plunking them in from of it to keep them quiet. Have you ever sat down and discussed what they are watching? My son and I used to watch Judge Judy together…what a great opportunity to discuss what NOT to do in life! Have you ever taken a good look at commercials? This is a chance to hone your critical thinking skills (a very important skill to have in life!). Or watch the news with them (depending on their age)…wow…so much to learn about our world and current events.  (Favourite shows in our house? Mythbusters, Canada’s Worst Drivers (good for our teenagers who are driving age), and most things on TLC….what are some of your favourites?).

Where else can you learn? Well…pretty much everywhere. We try to take a walk every evening… through the park or around the block or into the forest…just think of all the things we have explored! We have seen rainbows, thrown a lot of maple keys and defied gravity on the monkey bars, to just name a few!

Board game fun!
Board game fun!

Why not play a board game? One of our favourites is Settlers of Catan. We enjoy it at the cottage, so why not play at home too? A game night is a great way to get everyone together for fun…lots of strategy…and a good chance for siblings to practice their kindness to others…nobody likes a sore loser…or winner!

One last thought…how does learning look important to kids?? By seeing it in their parents! One of the biggest influencers in a child’s life is their parents (no matter what they might say). Do you continue to read and learn? It isn’t something that should stop when you graduate…it should be a lifelong kind of thing! Living this example in front of the kids is a powerful example to give!

I am excited to continue our learning this Fall and look back on the fun we had this summer. What things have you discovered this summer with your kids? What big plans do you have for your Fall learning (whether your kids learn at home or at school?) Please share!



  1. This summer never lived up to my expectations in regards to the weather, but I so enjoyed the books that I have read. One especially made me realize and discover something I had read before a long time ago, it was refreshing and brought about a renewed excitement for the start of the new school year.
    I thoroughly enjoyed re-reading The five love languages of children, and pondering over my own little ones traits, their strengths and areas needing more attention.
    Creating opportunities of learning experiences that are focused on their areas of interest and giftings.
    The expectation of watching them learning, experiencing and growing right in-front of my eyes, knowing i am right where i need to be amongst my children learning with them.
    This summer has been fun finding backyard friends (snails,worms.etc) watching butterflies and squirrels play, enjoying, observing, and learning more about God, about my children and about me.
    The start of the school year makes me wonder what amazing adventures of discovery we will share together as a family.
    “Live for today, but hold your hands open to tomorrow. Anticipate the future and its changes with JOY. There is a seed of Gods Love in every event, every unpleasant situation in which you may find yourself” Barbara Johnson

    • Great thoughts Karen…thanks for sharing them! I, too, love the Love Languages book (in fact I am speaking on that at MOPS at our first meeting!). It really helps us as moms to know our kids! It makes it more fun for everyone!!

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