Posted by: cindybiz | August 18, 2009

Reading ideas for families with older children

Reading of books often declines during teenage years as there are so many activities competing for young people’s time – including school work, part-time jobs and their social life, as well as other leisure activities. Here are some simple things to try to keep your young person reading!

1.     Encourage your child and their friends to talk about what they read and share good reads.

Taking time to enjoy a book!

Taking time to enjoy a book!

2. provides reviews of books for teenagers by teenagers. (I don’t endorse any of the specific books…that if for you to decide with your children!)

3.     Suggest older children read with younger members of the family.

4.     Read yourself. Set a good example by reading for pleasure and talking about the reading you do at work and home.

5.     If they say they don’t have time for reading books or novels (after all, many adults say the same), encourage them to read other materials or non-fiction books that relate to their current concerns and interests – for example, biographies, true-life stories in magazines and news reports.

Taken from “Family Reading Matters” found at

Photo Credits: ralphunden (Creative Commons license on Flickr)

This is a tricky age as mentioned…any creative ideas you do in your home?? Please share in the comments as all of us are looking for some fresh ideas, myself included!!


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