Posted by: cindybiz | August 10, 2009

Ideas for reading together…5-8 year olds

More ideas from Family Reading Matters study by the National Literacy Trust

1.    Encourage your child to read to you. Follow the words with your finger and sound out the words (c-a-t: cat).

2.    Be positive. Praise your child for trying hard at their reading. It’s all right to make kitten

3.    It’s not just books. Point out all the words around you: labels on food, street signs, etc.

4.    Keep in touch with your child’s school and ask their teacher for suggestions on how you can help with reading and writing.

5.    Read yourself. Set a good example by reading for pleasure and talking about the reading you do at work and home.

Why not find your family’s top five reads. Ask everyone in your family to name their favourite reads – it could be a book, magazine, comic or newspaper. Involve grandparents, cousins etc. And see if the neighbours agree.

What are your family’s top five reads??? List them in the comments and compare!!

Photo Credits: Robyn Gallagher (Creative Commons license on Flickr)



  1. Great ideas! We joined our local library’s reading club over the summer so that keeps the reading up too!

  2. Great idea Cindy! It is a great way to encourage your children…and so many books to choose from!

  3. A different way to incorporate children (and/or adults) researching “Favourite Books” would be to survey family members (Grandma’s, Aunts, teachers), create a chart, and then add the information to your family’s scrapbook for daily life, and/or heritage sections. Finding and reading favourite song lyrics is also a fun way to incorporate more reading.

    • Great ideas! Thanks!!

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