Posted by: cindybiz | August 3, 2009

Family Reading Matters

Big brother sharing a book with little sister!

Big brother sharing a book with little sister!

In 2008, the National Literacy Trust undertook research to examine the importance of the family in children’s literacy development and provision of family literacy in UK.

Key research findings

  • Families and parents are critical. Parental involvement in their child’s literacy practices positively affects children’s academic performance and is a more powerful force for academic success than other family background variables, such as social class, family size and level of parental education.
  • The home is crucial. Parents have the greatest influence on the achievement of young people through supporting their learning in the home rather than supporting activities in school. It is their support of learning within the home environment that makes the maximum difference to achievement.
  • Early intervention is vital. The earlier parents become involved in their children’s literacy practices, the more profound the results and the longer-lasting the effects. Early intervention is crucial because it is in families that learning begins long before children start school.

Wow…it really shows how vital the family is in the future success of our children! Check back in as I offer up some creative family reading ideas over the next couple of weeks! And please share your ideas…what do you do as a family to encourage reading?? Love to read your comments!


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