Posted by: cindybiz | July 30, 2009

Friday Fun Facts…about reading

Did you know…

Photo by austinevan

Photo by austinevan

… 95% of all the books in America are purchased by only 5% of the people. The other 95% of the people purchase the other 5% of the books. (They probably don’t read them; they don’t have the time; they give them away as gifts.)

… The average person reads at approximately 200 words per minute.

… Reading is a primary source of new knowledge and skills for more success in life.

… We receive more information in one day than people in the early 1900’s received in their lifetime.

… This is the “Information Age.” Half of what we know today, we did not know fifteen years ago. The amount of knowledge has doubled in the last fifteen years and is said to be doubling again every eighteen months.

Now you know!


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