Posted by: cindybiz | July 27, 2009

What’s in a name….

cindy taylor

What is the one word that you write on almost a daily basis?? I suspect if we did a survey, the answer would likely come back as “my name!” I think this will be especially true for your children when they head back to the classroom this September. I am pretty sure it has to go on every piece of paper, art project and activity they do. What if they don’t know how to write this special word? Here are some creative ideas to get them started!

~ Head to the beach and have fun practicing in the sand … or forming the letters with shells or rocks.

~ While baking cookies, have your children make their names with the dough…or even try making pretzels for something new (here is a simple and yummy recipe!)

~ Challenge your child to make their name in lego … see how creative they can be!

~ Playdough is simple to make and you can be very creative with names…and lots of other things too! Check out this list of a whole pile of different playdoughs … some edible … some not!

~ Of course, there is also the usual writing with a pencil…but try branching out into paint (with a finger or a brush), markers, pastels, rubber stamps, pudding … you get the idea … be creative! Check out even more fun activities here!

~ Once your child has mastered with their first name, try their full name … their siblings’ names … their dog’s name, etc. Just see what happens!

One last word of advice that a kindergarten teacher told me once … that if I were going to teach letters to my child, that I need to start with lower case ones first as these are the ones used most often … and when you think about it, upper case letters are not used very often at all and they only confuse a child just starting out. Makes sense to me!

These are my ideas and I am certain there are many more … what ideas have you tried? Post your ideas in the comments!



  1. I print out information that is specific to each student such as charts with what their weight would be on other planets. (Websites include pictures of planets, and automatic calculations in pounds as well as kilograms.) This promotes organizing information (Start with inner planets, closest to the sun, then move to the Big Gas Giants, plus Pluto – (it isn’t a gaseous planet, but is hard as well as is now classified as a dwarf planet, and its moon Charon, etc.) P.S. since the use of the word sibling above refers to plural siblings, the apostrophe should come after the word. (The difference is in nouns that are already plural such as children, where children’s is correct for children’s phone, children’s coats)

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