Posted by: cindybiz | July 23, 2009

Friday Fun Facts…

Don’t you love listening to what children are interested in at the moment? You just never know what is lurking in their brains! For my 8 year old, at the moment, it is “facts.” She is always finding interesting things to share with us, so the Friday Fun Facts was born. Be sure to subscribe to my blog if you want to impress your friends with lots of quirky facts!

Her latest book of interest is called “Understanding Your Body” and is full of all kinds of quirky information about our brain, our sense and our muscles & bones! Today we are talking about our memory.

Long-term memory… Your long-term memory stores everything you know. By the time you are eight years old, it holds more information than a million encyclopedias! This is just the tiniest fraction of what is in your long-term memory. Amazingly, it will never become full, because it has a limitless capacity.

Short-term memory… On the other hand, your short-term memory can only store a maximum of nine things at one time. Most people cannot manage more than seven. After a few minutes, facts in your short-term memory are displaced by new ones. The old facts either just fade away or are transferred to your long-term memory.

Interesting! I often wondered why I can’t remember all the things I need to do in a day to run a household with 4 kids and a hubby! It is just the way my brain is made!

Here is a link to a fun site called “Don’t Forget”…let me know how your children (and you) do with the games!

Interested in more facts about the brain? Check them out here! Happy learning!


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